Sum It Up – IEEXtreme 8.0


Minka is very smart kid who recently started learning computer programming.
His coach gave him a cyclic array A having N numbers, and he has to perform Q operations on this array.
In each operation the coach would provide him with a number X. After each operation, every element of the cyclic array would be replaced by the sum of itself and the element lying X positions behind it in the cyclic array. All these replacements take place simultaneously.
For example, if the cyclic array was [a, b, c, d], then after the operation with X = 1, the new array would be [a+d, b+a, c+b, d+c].
He needs to output the sum of the elements of the final array modulus 10^9+7.
He made a program for it but it’s not very efficient. You know he is a beginner, so he wants you to make an efficient program for this task because he doesn’t want to disappoint his coach.

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