Configuring Network for Solaris 11 in Virtual Box

Configuring Network for Solaris 11 in Virtual Box

Hi all, recently I tried Solaris for some tasks at work. Installing Solaris on VirtualBox was not so difficult and there were quite a few resources in the internet. I used the following.

However for configuring the network it was not the same. So here I will note down a few things which I believe might be useful when configuring network for Solaris 11 in Virtual Box.

In Solaris 11 configuring network is not editing few files, unlike in most other operating systems. There are a set of commands we can to create those configurations for us.

We will go through configuring NAT, HostOnly and Bridged Adaptors. First we have to go to Setting for the Solaris VM in VirtualBox and from there to the Network Tab.
Even though eventually we will add three network adaptors, I suggest we start by enabling only one adaptor as it might be hard to figure out which is which inside Solaris one we enable several network adaptors at once and try to configure them inside Solaris.

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