IntelliJ IDEA Find & Replace using Regex

Recently I had to convert some documents which was on HTML format to Asciidoc format. An awesome tool called Pandoc saved me a lot of work. So after using that tool I was left to do a bit of final touches which included a lot of find and replace kind of work. I had actually set this up as a maven project with AsciiDoctor in IntelliJ IDEA so that is where I got to use this cool feature, find and replace with regex.

Here I’ll show a few examples as some of those are not that well documented.

Say¬† this here, “image:/download/attachments/983129/address-state-chart.png?version=3&modificationDate=1318249062000&api=v2[image,title=”sometitle”]”
is the string that I want to manipulate.

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